• Embankment & Cutting Stabilisations

Suttles have performed remediations to embankments and cuttings in reactive emergency situations and on proactive planned improvement schemes.

Our delivered solutions include:

  • Full excavation to formation level and re-build with new engineered fill
  • Sheet piling at toe, mid-slope and crest of embankments/cuttings
  • Kingpost piling at toe, mid-slope and crest of embankments/cuttings
  • Soil anchors, acting in tandem with the above embedded retaining wall solutions
  • Soil anchors, acting in a grid pattern
  • Gravity retaining walls; including gabion baskets and precast concrete block walls
  • Erosion control; using gabion basket mattresses and coir matting
  • Drainage; counterfort and “French” drains

Our intimate understanding of the range of available equipment and construction processes combined with our temporary works design capability means we can offer robust solutions with engineering assurance to our clients.

Through our quarrying capability we are effective in offering bulk aggregate supply.

Our geotechnical design department will provide temporary and permanent works designs.