• Suttle Contiguous Piling

Contiguous embedded retaining walls feature piles spaced at regular intervals with a small gap in-between. Typically this small gap is between 50mm and 150mm. The size of the gap is determined by the particle size and cohesiveness of the soil that is being retained.

The solution is applicable to locations where low noise and vibration are desirable and particularly useful for multi-storey basements and high modulus retaining scenarios. Contiguous walls are not applicable in those situations where the ground water table is above the proposed excavation level. Contiguous walls are sometimes considered as temporary but sacrificial, but can be permanent if a lining is applied, such as sprayed concrete for water-tightness. They can also offer a dual function as vertical load bearing piles if a capping beam is added.

Suttles use a range of techniques that include CFA, cased CFA (CCFA) and rotary boring to construct these pile structures. Suttles are capable of installing pile diameters ranging from 300mm up to 1200mm and depths of 26m.