• Suttle Kingpost Piling

Kingposts are steel H piles embedded into a concrete filled bore where the steel element has an upstand that is equal to or greater than the retained height.

They are evenly spaced between 1.0m and 3.0m, with timber or precast concrete panels spanning in-between and bearing on the H beam flanges. Steel elements can be painted or galvanised. A range of options are available for architectural finishes to the infill panels.

They can be a more cost-efficient solution for temporary works than sheet piling and less disruptive in respect of noise and vibration.

Kingpost retaining walls are particularly useful for situations where the retained ground is to be built up. When functioning in cantilever their retained heights are limited to around 4 to 5m before they become uneconomical.

Kingposts can alternatively be driven into the ground without a concrete surround, by vibratory pile driver.