• Suttle Purbeck Stone for Paving

In recent years there has been somewhat of a renaissance in the use of traditional British paving.

As the market has become flooded with mass produced imports, many have returned to using locally quarried natural stone. After all, Purbeck does have a 1000-year old tradition of quarrying limestone in the area

We are experts in Purbeck stone and can help you choose from natural materials to give the effect you’re looking for.

We also put time and effort into cutting stones to just the right size and shape to fit your space.

Riven flags

Our hard-wearing flagstones are ideal for pathways, courtyards and driveways.

The split flags offer a rustic aesthetic and feature naturally occurring characteristics such as calcite veins and colour variation.

Textured flags

Our textured flags give your area a contemporary look as well as a firm feel underfoot. We bush hammer them into a smart and tactile finish.

Sawn flags

These smooth finish flagstones, in varying colours with visible shells and veins, are characterful and contemporary in style.

Crazy paving

For rustic pathways and driveways, you can’t get better than this. Availability can be limited for this sought-after paving.