• Suttle Random Walling Stone

“Bring the countryside into your garden”

Used as field walling for millennia, Purbeck random walling has the timeless appeal of a bygone era. Even today this is a craft that cannot be done by machinery. Although stonemasons can spend many years perfecting their skills, with a little help from us, you or your builder can create a beautiful stone wall. The stone is generally built-in random courses with jumpers or horses heads used to break up the courses. It can be laid in mortar or to a dry-stone wall effect.

The two most common types of wall building are:

  • Freestanding wall faced on both sides. A boundary or field wall.
  • Retaining walling, mainly retaining soil, like on a planter.

Standard Random Walling

This is up to 125mm high and random on plan. Depending on what you are building this may need breaking down to the size required.

Thin Random Walling

As above but up to a maximum of 75mm high. This material is particularly useful on low walls where larger stones can be overpowering.

Thin Cropped Walling

Maximum 75mm high but cropped to a bed width (front to back) of 120mm – 150mm.

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