• Scour Protection within Rail Industry

Scour is the action of water eroding a soft river/seabed or bank. If this phenomenon occurs near existing railway bridge and culvert structures, then they can become undermined, and the foundations of the structure lose the support of the ground upon which they rely.

Structures that are identified as being at-risk, or have suffered defective performance already, can be rectified using scour protection.

Suttles are considered as the leaders in installing scour protection systems in the UK, having performed upwards of 80 schemes nationwide.

Our delivered solutions include:

  • Rock armour
  • Gabion mattress construction
  • Reinforced concrete channels
  • Grouted mattress and bag formwork systems

We are proficient in situations demanding both dewatered and live channel approaches. To back this up we have developed and built one of the few submersible remote-control excavators to be available world-wide.