• Suttle Purbeck Stone in Landscaping

Purbeck stone, beautiful with proven durability.

Whether your project is large or small, we will find the right landscaping stone for you.

Selected from many different beds of Purbeck stone, the choice is yours and we will provide a material that is tailored to your requirements.

Whether it be a single bulk bag of handleable rockery, or larger rock for a big project, Suttle Purbeck Stone will find the right option for you.

We supply natural rock which can be blocky, flat or boulder type. Purbeck Stone lends itself particularly well to “Verge Edging” if you need to keep vehicles out of a particular area. We can deliver loose tipped, bagged or craned off. Give us a call to see what your options are.

Rockery (lump)

Our simple yet effective rockery stones can create a stylish focal point in your garden, courtyard, lawn or pond. They are available in buff/brown to grey-blue colours to suit your personal style. You can even specify the size to suit your setting perfectly.

Flat Rockery

Re-create a natural outcrop of rock for edging a pond, lake or revetment.

Verge and Perimeter Protection

Our large flat stones are ideal for creating a border to town and rural spaces.

They also make suitable features around the entrance to properties. Residentially, they can be used to prevent vehicles from driving on your property. We offer a range of sizes from 300mm-700mm high.

Feature and Standing Stones

These long and narrow stones stand upright, making for a striking feature in any garden or parkland. We can also saw geometric shapes into the stones.