• Suttle Purbeck Stone for Flooring

“A stone floor is the ultimate in style”

When you walk on a natural stone floor, you are walking on a piece of history, a moment in time, procured and finished by modern technology.

Natural stone flooring can be finished to a high standard and cut to your choice of shape and surface finish. Intricate shapes can be cut using the most modern technology available.

Flooring stones are an investment in the future of your property. We can help you choose the best option from our stunning range.

Sanded - for a seamless look, choose sanded stones: we sand them down so that you can enjoy their smooth surface.

The rock varies to give each floor its own unique hues including grey, blue, brown and buff, with fossils, veins and shells for added character.

Textured and sanded –these flooring stones are bush hammered and then finished with a sanding disk to give an even smoother feel underfoot.

Honed - our finest finish. We polish these to accentuate the colours and character of our Purbeck stone, whilst highlighting the natural shells, fossils and veining.