• Poole Park Ark

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Poole Park Ark

Poole Park Ark

Client - Ebsford Environment & Borough of Poole

Quarry manager, Nick Crocker was instrumental in Borough of Poole securing us as a supplier for stone landscaping materials for a project at Poole Park that included two separate jobs with different clients.

The first job was for Ebsford Environmental. They requested 56 tonnes of gabion stone to make Gabion baskets for the internal walling of the Ark. 217 Tonnes of flat revetment rock and 20 tonnes of Rockery for the surroundings and finishing off with 47 LM of textured coping.

The second job was directly for the Borough of Poole; this was for the War memorial in the centre of the park. California Quarry supplied BOP with 218m2 of Sawn flags and 4 no of Sawn steps.

‘’Suttles experience in this sector proved invaluable when selecting materials for this project”. - Nick Crocker