Specialist Civil Engineering

Suttle Projects, based in Dorset, has been completing inshore marine and earthworks projects since its inception in 2008. Through Suttle Piling we developed the capability to complete CFA piling and sheet piling. Other augered and driven piling systems, such as screw piles, marine timber piles, and kingpost wall solutions are also offered.

From the beginning, Suttle Projects have sought technically more challenging works to establish capability and stimulate its motivated and enthusiastic staff. Typical of this approach has been our development of the Little Mermaid underwater excavator to tackle confined spaces and submerged, restricted access environments. We seek to work on Britain’s railway infrastructure, in particular establishing ourselves as the leading scour protection installation contractor in southern England. To enhance this capability, we have invested in our own modular pontoon systems.

Importantly, we have an in-house team of design engineers that turn around technical designs at very short notice and under our own control. This will range from embedded retaining wall designs to marine stability calculations, and together with our unrivaled access to rock quarries, has led to a formidable reputation for dealing with railway emergency landslips and highly technical work packages.