Case Studies

Aston Way, Poole piling installation

Aston Way, Poole Piling Installation

Customer – Jade Aden

Project duration – 3 weeks

When – January 2016

Job Type – Sheet Piling



Suttle Projects installed more than 90 Larssen L605 interlocking sheet piles at a site off Manning’s Heath Road, in Poole, to maximize the usable land on a sloping development site.

Due to the presence of a dense sand strata, the pile locations were pre-augured, with a Klemm 708 segmental flight auger rig. This loosened the soil and thus minimised the need for vibration in the driving process, also reducing the noise emissions necessary to properly install the piles. This allowed us to be as considerate as possible to our client’s neighbours, on this industrial site.

The piles, which ranged from 7m-10.5m in length, were pitched using a 28-tonne Movax SP60F rig, and were then re-driven to level with a DPH impact hammer. The exposed steel sheet piles were treated to prevent wear against the elements.

The resulting retaining wall was fully designed and built by Suttle Projects.

The completed wall allowed the contractor to excavate down to the desired level, and install a Type 1 Limestone sub-base (supplied by Suttle Stone Quarries) to create a car parking area for the building.