River Hamble Harbour Master’s Office Update

Seven months ago Suttle Projects completed a job at the River Hamble Harbour Master’s Office.

The brief was to refurbish the seawall which was in desperate need of repair and to include a cast concrete face to encourage biodiversity by mimicking a natural rock face.

Engineer Nick olds recently went back to visit and to see how the marine life was taking to the simulated rock face, this is what he had to say; “the wall has gone nice and green so the textured wall surface and rock pool details seem to be working at encouraging marine growth and biodiversity”.

The Harbour Master’s Office wall shown at low tide before the work started. You can see the condition of the wall is poor.
The completed wall, you can see the formations that have been cast onto the new wall to encourage marine growth and biodiversity.
7 months on, you can clearly see where the textured surface and rock pool details are working at encouraging marine growth and biodiversity.

To see the full case study in more detail click here.


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