Meet James, our HR apprentice!

What better way to celebrate ‘National Apprenticeship Week’ than with an interview from one of our current apprentices!

James Clothier has been with us for the last year in the role of HR apprentice and was happy to answer some questions about taking on his apprenticeship with Suttles.

1.     What motivated you to pursue an apprenticeship with Suttles?

The flexibility and approachability of the company when I applied really left a good impression, the directors were really interested in how the job would suit me and were very involved in the research and understanding of the apprenticeship. Throughout the whole process I was able to communicate any issues or any changes with the director and they outlined the support they would be able to provide whilst I developed my skills.

2.     What specific skills or knowledge have you gained during your apprenticeship?

With my apprenticeship at Suttles I have developed various skills, from simple office skills that my colleagues have assisted with to the career specific skills that come from my coursework and the opportunities the company finds for me to put these to practice in a real-life scenario, whilst making sure I’m comfortable and understand the process.

3.     How has working closely with experienced professionals impacted your learning and development?

By working with more experienced colleagues I have been able to seek out assistance when I come across something that I’m not familiar with, this has been vital in my professional development as my colleagues take the time to ensure I understand and will provide me with past examples and walk me through processes. As well as this when it comes to coursework, I can gain insight from my colleagues if there is a topic I have only learnt about in theory and they can share experiences with me to further my understanding. It is also very nice to be able to voice my ideas and have my colleagues assist and build upon my ideas.

4.     What advice would you give to someone considering an apprenticeship instead of pursuing traditional higher education?

The advice I would give is to research the company and the career and make sure it is something you’re truly passionate about as it makes the coursework so much easier if the research is interesting to you personally. As well as that you will need to focus on your professional development which can come from wider reading, networking, and training events which, if you’re interested, doesn’t feel like a chore but more of an opportunity.

5.     How do you envision your future career path after completing your apprenticeship?

I look to progress my career with Suttles taking on more responsibility as I complete my course and gain valuable experience working in the industry


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