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The Team

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Joe Paine – Managing Director (Suttle Stone Quarries/Suttle Projects)

Chris Suttle – Finance Director (Suttle Stone Quarries/Suttle Projects)

Roger Funnell – Commercial Director (Suttle Stone Quarries)

John Suttle – Operations Director (Suttle Stone Quarries)

Simon Clabburn – Director of Quarrying (Suttle Stone Quarries)

Jimmy James – Director (Suttle Stone Quarries)

Sue Marshall – Director (Suttle Stone Quarries)

Alistair Maidman – Technical Director (Suttle Projects)

Liam Tucker – Contracts Director (Suttle Projects)

John Harley – Commercial Director (Suttle Projects)

Paul Bush – Transport Manager (Suttle Stone Quarries)

Dave Penney – Sales Manager (Suttle Stone Quarries)

Nick Crocker – Quarry Manager (Suttle Purbeck Stone)

Matt Suttle – Stone Sawyer (Suttle Purbeck Stone)