About Suttles

Ethics & Values

Our commitment to sustainability

We are proactive about quarrying in a sensitive way and restoring our sites to a high standard. We are proud of the new habitat that is being developed at Swanworth Quarry as part of its ongoing restoration – further details here.

Within Suttle Projects we maintain that same commitment especially as much of our work is governed by the Environment Agency. Through our work we help keep the UK’s infrastructure running well – for example, our scour protection projects improve and maintain the railway bridges passing over UK waterways. Furthermore, all our machines’ hydraulic systems run on sustainable bio-oil which helps to prevent pollution to the areas we work in.

Sustainability is built into the way we operate, as we proactively seek solutions to ensure greater efficiency on site. The innovative ‘Little Mermaid’ excavator has been designed in house to be less intensive on labour and resources. It is a unique low clearance, marinised, remote control excavator that has revolutionised the way we tackle river and bridge protection works and was selected as a BCI awards finalist as a result of its successful deployment.

Our commitment to safety

Stone quarrying can be an extremely challenging activity, operating within one of the most dangerous industries. We hold a strong belief that safety is enhanced by a positive company culture. Through our in-house expertise and experience we are able to operate safely and effectively.

Suttle Projects are active partners in the One Team Wessex collaboration, a cutting-edge framework to create a positive change in safety and environmental behaviours, delivering each project more safely and sensitively than ever before.

Our commitment to our people

When you talk to us, you’ll notice the difference. At Suttles we are a technically sound but approachable family business which means that you are guaranteed the personal touch. Generations of employees have worked in our quarries and companies, creating a strong tradition that we are proud of.

As well as looking after our own people, we are committed to the communities in which we work. For example, we work with Bournemouth Council to put on regular events for people with learning difficulties. We have also supported Downs Syndrome Association, Purbeck Young Farmers, Swanage Youth Cricket and Swanage Lions Club.