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Corfe Castle Pathways

Corfe Castle Pathways

Client - Jonathon Kershaw

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Corfe Castle has a series of pathways running through the castle itself as well as the castle grounds. To keep these pathways safe for visitors and to avoid damage to the ground they are covered with a layer of shingle. Due to the elevated position of the castle these pathways need to be re-laid every couple of years as the rain causes the shingle to move leaving the pathways bare.

Due to the age of the castle and that it is accessed by two very old bridges, it made the delivery of the material quite complicated!

Our driver, Tim delivered the bags using the HIAB. Usually the bags would each contain 1 tonne of material, but for this delivery each bag was made up to 500kg and delivered to the start of the bridge. This was so that the tractor could then take one bag over at a time, because the lorry would have been too heavy for the bridge, wheras the tractor can safely travel on this first bridge. However even the tractor can not travel over the second.

For the second bridge, the material will then be transported by a dumper, before being transported again, manually in buckets by volunteers to access the top of the castle.

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