About Suttles

Company History

For over 80 years the Suttle name has been synonymous with natural stone and technical expertise.

The Suttles’ Family History on the Isle of Purbeck:

  • contract1930’s: George Suttle trades as “G. Suttle Stone and Quarry Merchants” from Sunnyside, Worth Matravers.
  • 1961: John Suttle starts quarrying at Mutton Hole Quarry, Swanage.
  • 1976: Chris Suttle wins concession from Swanage Town Council and starts Quarrying at Swanage Quarries.
  • 1983: The formation of J. Suttle Transport by Chris Suttle and Billy Rudd as a separate Company to undertake haulage work for the Quarry.
  • 1986: The Purchase by Chris of California Quarry from S. W. Paine, 35 acres of Quarry land adjacent to the Swanage Quarries site.
  • 1993: Roger Funnel joins the Company to be responsible for stone, aggregate and recycled stone sales. This year also sees the incorporation of J. Suttle Transport Ltd.
  • 1996: Suttles buy out E G Hoare, Poole based stone and Aggregate merchant and concrete recycling company, and begin trading from their site in Poole.
  • 2002: The move out of Swanage Quarry and relocation to California Quarry following the end of the Swanage Town Council lease.
  • 2003: The Incorporation of J. Suttle Swanage Quarries Ltd.
  • last2005: Suttle move from Mannings Heath Road yard in Poole to new Yarrow road site.
  • 2006: J. Suttle Transport Ltd commence trading as Suttle Stone Quarries.
  • 2011: The purchase of Swanworth Quarry and J. Suttle Swanage Quarries to bring all elements of the business together under the Suttles banner.