Case Studies

Stone Supplied To Film Set, Kimmeridge, Dorset

Customer – Philip K Dick Electric Dreams/Channel 4/Sony Pictures Television

Material – 775 tonnes of Limestone (various sizes)


The worlds of aggregates quarrying and science fiction television series (starring A-list Hollywood actors) do not often meet. That changed back in early May when a film set sprung up at Kimmeridge, Dorset, near our Swanworth Quarry headquarters, and the production team of Electric Dreams – an anthology based on the works of author Philip K Dick – requested stone for one of their sets.


The set took delivery of 540 tonnes of 6F5 Limestone; 125 tonnes of Gabion Limestone; 70 tonnes of 20mm to Dust; and 40 tonnes of 20mm Clean Limestone.
Gabion baskets were assesmbled on-site by the film crew, who also constructed the futuristic-looking set.

Assistant Art Director on the shoot, Abbie Bellwood, visited Swanworth Quarry to establish what was available and what would be needed.

She said: “In terms of changing our minds – it always happens, and I found that Suttles were very accommodating. We often want something, and then it changes, and then the money is a factor, then we need to get it signed off by somebody – so there’s a lot of processes.”

Suttle Stone Quarries sales manager, Dave Penney, said: “The production team had a look at the gabion we had on offer, and other decorative chippings, and decided to use us for all materials to the site, which obviously we were ecstatic about.

“The set was really impressive and our material really was at the core of it and made it stand out.”

In the episode, Steve Buscemi’s character Ed Morris, living in a bizarre world of pig-human hybrids, is approached by a synthetic woman called Jill (Sidse Babett Knudsen). Ed agrees to help Jill carry out an illegal plan that sees his world crumble…

To watch Crazy Diamond on Channel 4 On Demand visit:

(Available until November 29th 2017.)

We put together our own film, Behind The Scenes of Electric Dreams, showing how we delivered to site. Watch it here:

Featured image: (c) Channel 4, Sony Pictures Television