Case Studies

Poole Quay flood defence reinforcement

Customer – Poole Harbour Commissioners

Job spec – Over 100 linear metres of 12.5m steel piles, installation of pre-cast concrete capping beams, timber fenders, and drainage and surfacing works

When – January 2017


Suttle Projects’ first job as principal contractor put them in charge of the second of three phases of flood defence improvement works at the town quay in Poole. The overall objective was to renew a section of granite quay wall and raise the flood defence level for the properties and shops along the town quay.

The scope of works was broad, and started with the removal of existing timberwork, including piles, fender timbers and walings, using Suttles’ own Movax SP70F4.
After this came the installation of anchored sheet piling in front of the existing quay wall at a length of over 100 metres.
Pre-cast concrete capping beam units were installed, along with new ekki (a tropical hardwood) timber fenders – which were added to the capping beam and quay wall.

New drainage was then put in, including manholes, and new asphalt and block paving surfacing were also installed.
The project was carried out for Poole Harbour Commissioners, and was jointly funded by them, and the Environment Agency.

Piles of piling

More than 100 linear metres of 12.5m long piles were installed using an RTG-RG16T telescopic leader rig, combined with a crane to assist the handling process.
Extra support was installed in the form of steel tie-bars connecting the old quay wall to the new sheet pile wall.

Sub-contractor Kavell Civil Engineering were employed to undertake the groundworks element of the project. They engaged Suttle Stone Quarries as their favoured aggregates supplier, who supplied ballast as dredged to fill the void between the new wall and the old wall.

Suttle Projects’ technical director, Ali Maidman, said: “It’s a landmark moment in the growth of the company, and there have been a lot of firsts in this job – it’s our first job as principal contractor, which we’re very proud of; and it’s our first project for Poole Harbour Commissioners.

“It’s been a good test for managing sub-contractors and a construction site ourselves – because we haven’t had that responsibility previously. We hope for it to be a platform to tender for more principal contractor opportunities in the future. It helps our portfolio, and it’s a natural progression for us.”

The works completed mid-May 2017. For more information visit: