Case Studies

Lilliput Road Retaining Wall for Property Development

Customer – Glossbrook

Contract – Lilliput Road

Materials – Bulk excavation and Contiguous Retaining Piles


Glossbrook were replacing 4 bungalows with flats, including basements to maximise the plot size. Suttles were brought in to provide bulk excavation, taking away materials from the site. Suttle Projects designed and installed contiguous retaining piles to allow the excavation.

Why Glossbrook Chose Suttles:

“We have worked with Suttles on several projects. Not only do they install piling, they do the design work, too.”

On the job:

“The challenge with this project was that we needed to support an 8 metre deep excavation adjacent to a high bank. Suttle Projects came up with a suitable design to allow the excavation. Their qualified chartered engineer provides an excellent service.”


“Their service provided is second-to-none. They are very easy and professional to work with.”

— Dave Escott, Glossbrook