Driven Piling and Sheet Piling

We can design, supply, install and extract driven piling systems. If your project is more complex, we have the general construction capability to extend our scope and meet your requirements.

At Suttle Projects we are trusted experts in driven piling, whether you’re looking for steel tubes, structural steel sections, steel sheet piles or timber piles. We own and operate Movax side grip operating equipment with Movax trained operators.

Using our Finnish-made piling equipment we can install a variety of sizes of steel and timber piles typically up to lengths of 14 metres. We also complete projects with tracked leader rigs and Japanese silent piling equipment.


Driven Piling

Driven piles can take the form of hardwood timber, precast concrete or structural beam, column, CHS or SHS steel section. Driven piles are widely used in marine applications, building foundations & as elements of excavation support systems. Similar to sheet piling, driven piles can be installed utilising impact driving & high-frequency vibration.

We offer driven piles varying from lightweight & slender piles 100mm diameter up to 610mm diameter. Pile installation equipment also varies from lightweight excavator-mounted hammers to large leader-mounted or crane-suspended impact & vibro hammers. Pile installation templates are used to guarantee piling tolerances.


Sheet Piling

Interlocking steel sheet piles are used as excavation support. They offer good strength & water tightness & can combat against piping effects through permeable ground. The principal types of sheet pile are:

Larssen; good for cofferdams due to wrap-around clutches that prevent declutching during installation. They are typically driven as single piles & can be installed up to 13m long by lightweight equipment such as our fleet of Movax side-grip & impact hammer rigs, which range from 9 tonnes to 39 tonnes.

Frodingham; benefit from a good ratio of section modulus to weight, owing to the interlocks being located on the outside face of the wall. These can be driven in pairs, or sometimes more, and typically require heavy-duty plant for driving. We have leader rigs and Japanese style Giken pile presses available, to install piles up to 21m long.

The sheet pile installation process can be executed in three ways:

  • Impact driving; a traditional method that involves dropping a weight vertically onto the top of the pile.
  • Vibration; Effective in granular soils, high frequency vibration is used to excite, or liquefy the surrounding particles to assist pushing the pile into the ground
  • Pile pressing; also known as silent piling, involves a hydraulic machine that uses the reaction force from between 3 & 5 piles installed previously to push the successive pile into the ground. The press then ‘walks’ along the top of the sheet piles once installed to continue the process.



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