Case Studies

Maidment Court retirement complex, Poole

Customer – Midas Construction

Project duration – phase 1, king post retaining wall installation – 3 weeks; phase 2, bearing pile installation – 4 weeks

Type – CFA bearing piles, king post retaining wall


Suttle Piling played an instrumental role in the construction of a purpose-built retirement living community in Poole.

Maidment Court offers studios, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments with beautiful views over Parkstone Bay.

The Piling team started by excavating the site and installed a temporary working platform, which was designed in-house.

Colleagues at Suttle Stone Quarries carried out muck away and on-site demolition material was taken away and recycled.

CFA 204nr 350mm diameter bearing piles, ranging up to 19.5m in depth, were then installed as a deep foundation solution to permit the construction of a multi-storey residential dwellings.

The job specification was changed under Suttle Piling’s direction, as a planned impact-driven solution would have been inappropriate for the site due to potential disturbance to nearby residents.

A CFA bored pile solution was used instead, greatly reducing the audible impact and vibratory damage that could have been caused.