• Ocean Academy, Poole

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Ocean Academy, Poole

Ocean Academy, Poole

Client - Curryhills Construction

Curryhills were tasked with carrying out the groundworks for the new Ocean Academy School development in Poole. Suttles supplied the customer with a large quantity of our Open Graded Sub Base material from Swanworth Quarry for the artificial sports pitches. Graded to spec with no fines, it provides a permeable sub-base which is essential in the construction of sports pitches to help with the drainage of surface water. Suttles also supplied a large amount of screened sand and screened soil.

The sand, a recycled product from our depot in Poole, was used to help increase levels on site to ensure when it came to laying the soil the customer achieved a level playing surface. The area was then dressed with soil and seeded with grass to be used as the school rugby pitch. Working to tight delivery schedules Suttles were flexible with delivery times and the development was completed 2 weeks ahead of schedule.

Why Curryhills Chose Suttles:

“We chose Suttles due to their price, as well as their reputation for fulfilling deliveries on time and at short notice.”

On the job:

“There were tight deadlines on this project; Suttles were able to deliver on time and at short notice.”


“We were very happy with the service from Suttles. Their delivery was excellent and the products were also good quality. By delivering all the products within the timeframe meant we were able to achieve everyone’s goals.”

Jim Dowling, Curryhills Construction