• New Line Track, Corfe Castle

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New Line Track, Corfe Castle

New Line Track, Corfe Castle

Client - National Trust

Suttles supplies products for numerous National Trust contracts, mainly supplying limestone from our quarry to the local area. In this particular project, the New Line Track at Corfe Castle was in a poor condition due to years of vehicle movements. Rather than tarmacking over the full track, National Trust wanted to keep New Line looking as natural as possible, so we recommended our Type 1 Dorset Limestone. The crushed tarmac delivered in from our recycling depot in Poole was used to fill in all potholes and bring up the levels. Our Type 1 Limestone was then used to dress and surface the track, which was then compacted to lock the material in.


“Suttles quarry was able to supply the particular type of stone in the quantity needed for the job.”


“Our previous supplier no longer offered the product in the quantity required. So we had to find a supplier that could deliver 300t of Type 1 Dorset Limestone, enough to raise the camber of the track. We have found that Suttles’ stone binds very well and their service is excellent.”


“We chose Suttles as they were the only Purbeck quarry able to supply the type of stone needed to upgrade 600m of track. The price was reasonable and they were able to deliver stone directly to the site. The team at Suttles were able to advise on the best type of stone to use and arranged quick delivery. I am confident that I will be using their services in the future.”

— Phil Stuckey, National Trust