• Gas Cylinder Infill, Guest Avenue, Poole

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Gas Cylinder Infill, Guest Avenue, Poole

Gas Cylinder Infill, Guest Avenue, Poole

Client - Erith
Duration - June - November '19

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Suttles were awarded the contract to supply materials to a site in Guest Avenue Poole to aid with the demolition and infill of the Victorian Gas Holder Cylinders.

The holders, owned by Southern Gas Networks, were to be demolished as part of a national programme of deconstructing such holders. After various visits and meetings with contract managers from Erith, numerous materials were approved for supply and over a period of 5 months Suttles ran in over 35,000t of material. At the height of supply, running in up to 1200t per day across a 2-week period.

Although there were no future plans for the site at the time of the works, the materials supplied by Suttle Stone Quarries ensured the site is prepared for future development.