• Dorset Wildlife Trust – Greengage Project

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Dorset Wildlife Trust – Greengage Project

Dorset Wildlife Trust – Greengage Project

Client - Dorset Wildlife Trust

A charity gardening project in Swanage received a helping hand from Suttles in the form of a donation of 20 tonnes of crushed limestone.

The garden, at Prospect Crescent, offers therapeutic horticulture sessions for a range of people including those recovering from mental health issues, long-term unemployed, and people living with dementia.

Aimed at promoting health and wellbeing in individuals, the community ecotherapy facility needed the crushed limestone to level out the surface in a greenhouse.

Katie Wilkinson, from the Dorset Wildlife Trust, said: “In order for people involved in this project to work here safely, it was really important to get floor of the greenhouse even and safe, so it’s going to make this space so much more functional and useful. It’s going to be packed down, nice and flat, and will allow for all sorts of raised beds and standing gardens to be established.”

Katie added: “This donation from Suttles is going to be a big help for us. It means that those funds can be spent on adapted tools and other things, it’s really great.” For more information visit www.dorsetwildlifetrust.org.uk/greengage_project.html