• 61 Banks Road

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61 Banks Road

61 Banks Road

Client - Glossbrook Builders
Value - £240,000.00
Duration - 3 months
Profile Number - 15/13

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The project aim was to demolish the existing two-storey detached building and replace it with a three-storey dwelling of contemporary design, with an additional lower ground floor level, accommodating a garage, gym and pool area.

Suttle Piling were contracted to demolish the existing concrete sea wall and design and install 21 L604 7m long sheet piles, for the new sea wall.  A Movax vibratory piling rig was used for the first three piles, followed by a Giken F201 silent piling rig, which reduced the noise and vibrations around the existing structures and the public beach.

Suttle Piling also designed and installed 76 L605 9m long sheet piles which provided a permanent cofferdam for the pool area. Again, the Movax vibratory piling rig was used for the first three piles.  Remaining piles were installed with a Giken F201 silent piling rig.  Driving was assisted by pre-augering using a Klemm 709 segmental flight auger rig, deployed from our extensive fleet of augered piling equipment.

This type of construction is typical to the local market in Sandbanks, Poole, which features many highly desirable high-end properties, justifying very technically demanding piling and earthworks projects.After partial excavation, a brace was installed to Suttle Piling’s design.  The excavation was then completed, for construction to continue with the assistance of a local reinforced concrete contractor.