Gabion & Rock Armour

High quality gabion and rock armour are essentials in today’s coastal and waterways protection schemes. Buy direct from us and be assured of warm customer service and good value, resilient stone.

Our Purbeck gabion stone and rock armour has a proven track record protecting structures and coastlines on commercial, local authority and Environment Agency projects.

Quarried from Swanworth on the south coast, we can accommodate your needs to fit your project.

What’s more, we don’t rely on external companies. All our gabion and rock armour is delivered by our own fleet of drivers and lorries.

That means that your materials are delivered to schedule with all the value you would expect from a specialist supplier.

Gabion and Rock Armour is also becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to the traditional rockery.

If you’re looking to keep up with the latest trends in landscape gardening, Gabion stone is a top choice. Find out more in our Stone Depot.

Gabion walls can be simply constructed using a wire mesh basket: a traditional look with all the simplicity and speed that comes with modern techniques and materials.

All our Gabion stone is graded in accordance with 6G specification to ensure a consistent size and product, so you know that when you order you’re getting the same great quality every time.


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